Good Morning Dr. Moelbak,

I never got a chance to say thank you for all our sessions. You were my first therapist – and psychotherapy matched what I really needed and who I am. Our sessions have been extremely beneficial to me, perhaps more than I even know at this point.

I do want to share one major area that our sessions unlocked. I used to be very dependent on my ‘lists’ and ‘planning’ and ‘goals’. Now I am much more comfortable with not knowing everything right at that moment. I can stay with uncertainty and my need to resolve things right away has waned a sufficient amount. This is a huge change for me – and funnily, during our sessions – this wasn’t really one of my goals nor was it part of my awareness at the time – but it’s what I needed most. My goals were quite the opposite – to resolve all the ‘problems’. I look to my old intentions knowingly. I feel good about the progress. I am also much less critical of myself and less focused on trying to fit the feeling rules that our norm has provided for our (almost) blind use. Which means I feel less guilty for being myself.

There are so many times we help out other people but we never know where they are at and how the benefit affected them. I just wanted you to know that somewhere, somehow, it worked for me.

As I wrote this mail, I was asking the question as to why I am mailing you. And immediately, I also thought ‘Does it really matter? Do you have to know? Is it not enough that it makes you happy and that you have the chance to say it?’ I do have a tendency to run away with the threads of thought. At some level I must admit that I enjoy it.

But I will say that I am glad I have a chance to say thank you. That’s all that matters right now.

Thank you Dr. Molbak for giving me space to be and explore – something that I feel the world doesn’t let most people do without it’s associated rewards and sanctions. Thank you for showing me that there can be such a place of non-judgement and exploration. This work is so very important.